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Proven strategies to take control of your drinking. Integrating groundbreaking research, neuroscience, cognitive therapy, proven tools, and teachings, in this deeply personal book, Cassandra talks candidly about her own challenges with controlling alcohol. Drawing on Eastern and Western approaches to help people suffering from alcohol dependence and addiction, Cassandra shows us how to cut back or quit drinking entirely without becoming a hermit, being ostracized, or cutting back on an enjoyable social life.

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“I really like the approach that this book takes in not attempting to stop drinking totally. It instead explains and coaches how to manage and cope with consuming alcohol so that the damaging effects may be minimised. This is a very useful supportive book for ‘drinkers’ and their families.”

Philipe Eyton, Counsellor, Life and Leadership Coach, BSocP, NZAC

“IReading the explanations led to many “Aha!” moments! I also felt so relieved to read there is a sober/not drinking movement going on. I felt relieved and hopeful. There is so much vital information packed into this book and I wish fervently that it ends up on the best seller list!”

Lisa Ruggiero

“I like the content of the book a lot. As an ex-drunk who quit for both mental and physical health reasons, it's very affirming. I like her comment that she's yet to meet an ex-drinker who preferred life as a drinker.I like its meandering style (it makes me think of sharing in a group). It’s too good a message to ignore.”

 Andrew Nicholls 

“This is a book for anyone who is struggling with alcohol (or even overeating/comfort eating - it can be used for several addictions) as a way to encourage the reader to look at their drinking (or other affliction) in a loving way, encouraging the reader to work with their intelligent self, on a loving level, it offers support, (you don’t feel alone), it offers stories of awareness, idea’s for moving beyond the clutches of alcohol and experiencing the joy of living a full, creative, and/or self-loving life.”

Catherine Sloan, Counselor

About the Author

Cassandra Gaisford (BCA, Dip Psych) 

Cassandra Gaisford, a health counselor, holistic psychologist and the #1 bestselling author of Stress Less, Mid-Life Career Rescue and How to Find Your Passion and Purpose, provides a fresh sobriety solution.

“I love drinking mindfully. I'm happier, healthier and nicer to be around.”

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